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Application of copper sleeve in stone machinery

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2019-09-19 08:47
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The so-called stone machinery refers to the machinery or tools used in the mining and processing of stone. Because the stone is particularly hard, the machinery used must be able to withstand greater pressure. The copper sleeve is the secret that the stone machinery can withstand heavy loads and high pressure.

The copper sleeve is also called copper bearing. It has many types, such as self-lubricating copper sleeve, no need to supply copper sleeve, oil copper sleeve and graphite copper sleeve. No matter which type of copper sleeve, it can be used on a variety of large and heavy machinery, the size of a copper sleeve, in addition to the type of copper sleeve

More importantly, the material of the copper sleeve is more important.

Commonly used materials for the production of copper sleeves are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. Usually, the copper sleeve of aluminum bronze material has relatively high hardness, and can be applied to stone machinery to effectively withstand external pressure and enhance mechanical power. Slow down the chance of damage to mechanical equipment.