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The structural composition of the copper sleeve

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2019-09-19 08:50
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The copper sleeve, also known as the copper roller, is one of the spare parts for the production of amorphous ribbons and magnetic materials. It is used on the strapping machine and is an important component on the strapping machine. The utility model relates to a metal and alloy melt boring technology, in particular to a high-vacuum single-roll belt boring machine, which has an induction smelting part, a copper roll belt part, and an induction smelting part equipped with a gear for driving the smelting shovel lifting and a rack drive. The mechanism, the center of the copper roller of the copper roller belt portion and the melting nozzle of the induction melting portion are eccentrically disposed; the motor shaft seal for driving the copper roller to rotate is magnetically sealed; and the copper roller belt portion is mounted with a driving copper roller for translation Gear, rack drive mechanism. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high quality of the ankle strap and long service life, and is suitable for the ankle band of the amorphous material, the microcrystalline alloy magnetic material and the high-strength amorphous alloy.